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Daughter needs information

I am currently researching my father’s time spent in World War II. His name was Perry W. Bradley and he was from Walker County GA. I believe he must have been part of the 99th, according to the information I have found on his discharge papers. His organization is listed as “Co A 395th Inf.” I do know that he participated in the Battle of the Bulge, and the only infantry division that I have located thus far which fits these criteria is the 99th Division. His deployment date also matches up with testimonies of other veterans from the 395th.

My father died in 2002, and told me very little about his experiences. I am on a quest to find out as much as possible about his time spent in the war, as well as the time he spent in training, but I don’t have a lot to go on. I contacted the National Archives and they tell me his service records were burned in the 1973 fire. I am trying to figure out where to go from here.

I have spent hours scouring your archived papers from that era. While I have enjoyed that time immensely, gaining a wonderful insight on the life of the soldiers at Camps Van Dorn and Maxey, I can’t help but wonder if my father was really there during that time.

I do not have any of his medals or ribbons. From my understanding, everything he had was destroyed in a fire before I was born. I would like to replace as much as I can for a shadowbox that I would like to display in my home in his honor. If he was part of the 99th, I plan to include the insignia of the division as well as his regimental insignia as part of the display. I am not familiar with the hierarchy of battalions, regiments, etc. I have come across some information about the different battalions in the 395th, but nothing concerning Company A. Any help would be appreciated.

Faith Searcy

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