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Writer wants copy of 'History of the 393rd' years ago

Writer wants copy of

"History of the 393rd"

     I was born in September 1926, and entered the Army in September 1944. I was trained at Camp Blanding in Florida and was sent overseas in February or March 1945 and was assigned to a Pioneer Platoon (I think of Headquarters Company) but I can't remember which battalion of the 393rd Infantry Regiment sometime in April 1945.

     As I remember it I was assigned to a unit somewhere around Schwabach and from there we went on to Bamberg and from there further south across the Danube (by Ingolstadt?). The company on our right was cut up by machine gun fire coming from German units on the south side of the Danube.

     On May 8 we were just past a village called Vilspiburg and after cessation of hostilities were posted to Landshut.

     Sometime in the late 1940s I received a soft-cover copy of the History of the 393rd. After many moves (Albany, Baltimore, Colorado, New York, Ontario) I can no longer find it and wonder if there are still copies available or if there is a military library from which I could have a copy made.

James B. Lawson

31 Hillside Avenue

Dundas, Ontario L9H 4H7