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Writer/photographer needs facts

My name is Steve Savage. I have a very close friend who was in the 99th in 1944-45 and I would like to be able for him to get in touch with some of his fellow GIs.

He, as well as myself, currently have no computer access, so I would like to get as much information as I can by mail.

His name is Charles Leslie Smith and at the moment I know he is not a member of the 99th. I heard you have a newsletter and I would like get a copy for him. As for myself, I am writing a book about WWII veterans and would like to get in touch with more of these men.

I also am trying to find a copy of Walter Lauer's Battle Babies. If you know where I may find one, please let me know.

I also am a photographer as well as a writer, and would love to document the upcoming meetings and reunions, if possible.

Please let me know how I may sign up or any information you have available to send my friend so he can become a member.

Stephen Savage

2457 Allenbrook Dr.

Allentown PA 18103-7469