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Writer needs help locating book

Writer needs help locating book

     I am attempting to secure a book that your association member and my good neighbor purchased from you, and eventually gave to me. I regret that the name of the book and its author are unknown to us.

     The writer was an ASTP student assigned your division, suffered an old foot injury, and wound up in London with the Signal Corps. He is very bitter about his assignment to the 99th, felt superior to all the NCOs, and dumps on the officers for lack of leadership ("I never saw one in combat").

     This book made me furious. I'm a career infantry officer and proud of it. I sent the book to friends for comment, which means a period of about two years circulation. I now have a neighbor who served in the 100th Division as a corporal, was badly wounded, is now a retired Harvard law professor. He likes the military, "They made a man out of me." I would like to purchase the book for his comment.

     I have been reading your newspaper with much interest. Even though your ranks are thinning, it serves a valuable historical need by future historians.

     I know your division history and the valuable service it performed, and despite limited preparation for the terrible ordeal it suffered under such severe conditions. Many other units were not so steadfast.

Wallace M. Hanes DSC

Col USA Ret.

5332 Ft. Yuma Tr.

Tucson AZ 85750