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Writer is out of line

I don't like to quarrel with a fellow 99th Division veteran, but the brother who complained that the Checkerboard isn't as good as it used to be is way, way out of line.

In case he hasn't noticed, there aren't many of us who are not as good as we used to be. Even with Donna Bernhardt providing much of the energy that most of us have lost, putting together a newspaper is not an easy task. Try it sometime.

And let's face it, most of us have told and retold our best stories of our wartime experiences. It is these stories and the occasional hard news, such as the exploits of the Diggers that have made the Checkerboard such an interesting journal.

Even the youngest of us are pushing 80 and in a few years our average age will probably be close to 90. So stop carping and enjoy the time left to us, the memories we share, and the occasional reunion few are able to attend.

And a heartfelt thanks to Bill Meyer and all the others who, over the years, have made it possible.

David Perlman C/394