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Writer asks for recollection of civilian experiences

Writer asks for recollections

of 'civilian experiences'

     I am a U.S.-educated Belgian historian and author of "The Crash of Ruin: American Combat Soldiers in Europe During World War II," (New York University Press, 1998).

     I live not far from the Bulge area and currently am researching a book on this important battle. As an important part of this project, I am looking for any memories, however small or anecdotal, that American veterans may have of the civilian population in that battle.

     These memories may concern, for example, sheltering with civilians in houses or cellars; aid from civilians or resistance fighters; friendships; shared suffering; images of refugees or wounded or dead civilians; glimpses of German war crimes against civilians; or any other aspect involving the civilian population of the Belgian Ardennes and Luxembourg.

     Your recollections of the civilian experience in the Battle of the Bulge would be most welcome in the form of e-mails or written contributions. Also feel free to send copies of relevant parts of letters, diaries, or memoirs to me. Photographs of Belgian and Luxembourg civilian scenes would be most welcome, too.

     The people of Belgium and Luxembourg have never forgotten the tremendous courage and sacrifice of the GIs during the German counteroffensive. I would be most honored should members of the 99th decide to contribute to this project.

Peter Schrijvers

Manteliusstraat 22

3500 Hasselt, Belgium