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Wise couple big help at Nashville

Wise couple

Wise couple big helpers at Nashville

     Chairman Joe Johnson said he is fortunate to have Sam and Jackie Wise as volunteers on his Nashville Committee.

     They were featured in an article published in a recent edition of the Nashville Tennessean.

     A large color photo on the front page of section shows them wearing matching T-shirts. They've been dressing alike for years.

     "Peas in a Pod" is the headline. They have been proclaiming their enduring love by dressing identically every day for the past 14 years and much of the 54 years of their marriage.

     The couple have become an attraction for tourists in Nashville. They're known as a "fun loving" couple.

     Joe says he's lucky they are on his committee.

     Sam sports a full white beard and Jackie wears braids. He was a member of Hq/395. And they'll be in identical dress at Nashville, where they'll greet members at the annual convention.