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Winter is not for Davis

Some people enjoy winter — the holidays, ice skating, skiing, snowmobiling, or just throwing snowballs. Not me, it's just not my cup of hot tea!

I think back to November and the following months as our division spread out on the front lines in Belgium just weeks before the Battle of the Bulge broke out.

The villages, quaint farm houses, and the forests of pine trees were picturesque postal cards, however the weather was cold with sleet and freezing rain.

Miserable for me, as my first foxhole soon filled with icy cold rain water, slowing being absorbed into my army blanket and heavy army overcoat. And to top that off, an artillery shell burst hit a nearby tree and hit me with a few splinters from that tree.

It soon began to snow and continued to snow for days, getting really freezing cold living in a hole out in the forest around the clock. The pine trees were covered with snow, quiet as a graveyard until a tree branch broke or a deer made a sound.

Then the machine guns and rifles began firing. If the freezing weather didn't get you, the shelling or bullets could do the job.

Anyway, let the other guys enjoy the fun in the snow. Me, I'll take the indoors where I can adjust the temperature.

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