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Widows offered free subscriptions

Widows offered

free subscriptions

     Several years ago the Board of Directors voted to offer widows of 99th veterans free subscriptions to the Checkerboard, on an "as requested" basis.

     A few widows requested free subscriptions, but nearly all have paid the normal price of $10 a year . . . some even including "a little extra" for the postage pot.

     But, widows of 99th veterans may receive the Checkerboard free if they request it. The request must be made each year, to comply with postal regulations.

     The same is true for members who do not feel they can afford to subscribe. No veteran of the 99th will be denied. No veteran will be cut off for non-payment, if that veteran requests a free subscription.

     In order to conform to postal regulations, however, it must be requested. And the request must be made on an annual basis.

     We hope this information makes that clear. It's a bit confusing.

     Widows and veterans may received the Checkerboard free, if they request it. Failure to pay is not considered a request. Failure to pay results in being cut off the list. If a veteran or a widow wants the Checkerboard, but can't pay, they merely need to request a free subscription . . . it is not automatic.