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Widow asks about husband's friends

Widow wants to know about friendship

Widow wants to know about friendship

To The Editor:

     My husband, James W. Ping F/395, died Sept. 17, 1997. He was 75. James fought in the Battle of the Bulge. He was slightly wounded in the head, but returned to the company after two weeks.

     James never wanted to talk about the war until the year he died. He talked about the Ruhr Pocket, the snow of the Ardennes, crossing the Rhine River. It must have been pure hell.

     James was a retired heavy equipment mechanic and we lived on a farm and raised cattle. He loved his farm.

     I would like for the man who called looking for James, I believe he was from Georgia, call or write to me. I would love to know about his and James' friendship.

Lorene Ping

2415 Elihu Cabin Hollow Rd.

Somerset KY 42501