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Which company was O'Brien in?

My father was Austin O'Brien. He served in the 924th Field Artillery, headquarters battery. He served Dec. 12, 1944, through Jan. 30, 1946. He died about five years ago and my mom wants to do a history of where he was.

She recently gave me the Checkerboard that Les Hyberts had given him when they visited in Florida. I would like to subscribe if possible.

I have emailed James Wade from C/924 and he said my father was in A, B, or D Company. He was a telephone field lineman. Do you know how I can find out which one it was?

I have my father's discharge papers so any other information you need I might be able to provide. I have requested my father's medals as all he had was a Good Conduct medal and ribbons and his Checkerboard patch. He never talked about the war until the last couple of years he was alive.

He had bought a big family burial plot in Jackman ME, but he decided he wanted to be buried at the VA Cemetery in Augusta ME, because it was so beautiful.

Never a day went by that he didn't fly the American flag. He was proud to be an American.

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