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What'll we do with excess funds?

Though the funds are not part of the official 99th Treasury, the dollars were raised through articles in the Checkerboard and from 99th members.

What'll we do with the money left over from the fund to construct the bronze plaque monument to 1Bn/394 at Losheimergraben and the amount raised to clean and refurbish the monument at Krinkelt?

The bronze marker at Losheimergraben was not as expensive as anticipated (because the Diggers spent so much time and volunteered their labor and effort to the task), and the Diggers also cleaned and restored the Krinkelt monument at no cost to the membership. They deserve our thanks!

The Ol' Editor proposes taking the balance of nearly $3,000 and placing it into the fund to bring the Diggers to Norfolk. There already is $2,000 from the 99th Division Association, that amount plus the balance of the above funds would provide nearly $5,000 which should be sufficient to bring all four Diggers to Norfolk in 2003.

If any contributors do not agree with this, please write (or call) the OE with your suggestion.