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Were there units in Alaska?

I was hoping you could help me by providing some information about certain units of the 99th that were sent to Adak, Alaska, around 1943-44.

I am doing some research about WWII, specifically the Battle of the Bulge (December 1944). I learned that many units of the 99th had heroically distinguished themselves in combat during this battle. My research also indicates that prior to this, certain units of the 99th had been sent to Adak and other areas in and around Alaska.

A relative of mine that served in the Pacific Theater in 1945 said he thought a few Army units were sent to Adak in order to secure that area, yet my research shows the only real threat to that location was in 1942, when the Japanese bombed Dutch Harbor as a diversionary tactic during the Battle of Midway. Following that, there was no real threat to the Alaskan area, but I could be wrong.

Some information I gathered suggests that Adak was a major supply depot for the Pacific.

Any information or direction to sources about the subject would be appreciated. Also, I love your web page.

Thomas MacRae

Boynton Beach FL