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Vern Swanson spreads the word

On Oct. 1 I attended a talk of Vern Swanson to the members of the North Shore Senior Center, in which he explained in detail the work of his team, including the Diggers, in the location of 10 MIAs out of 33 in the division, recovery of their remains, arrangements for, and attendance at their funerals.

There were more than 200 in attendance. They also saw slides of the battlefield areas, the graves, and the funeral services. The numerous questions at the end of the program reflected the attention and interest of the audience in Vern's address.

We don't realize the time and effort required by Vern and his team in their coordination with the programs of the Army and clearance of the Washington bureaucracy. Vern has, in addition to his time, incurred out-of-pocket expenses exceeding $10,000, without any compensation or reimbursement.

Our congressman, Mark Kirk, was extremely helpful to Vern and his team in cutting through the red tape of Washington.

As a result of the efforts of Vern and his team, the public has learned that the Battle of the Bulge was not won solely by the 101st; that the 99th also played a vital role in this historic event.

Vern truly is an ambassador of goodwill for the 99th.

Robert Hogan

1925 Tanglewood Dr., #1C

Glenview IL 60025-1631