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Van Dorn post office handles 90,000 pieces of mail each day years ago

Mr. C. L. Holes, superintendent of Camp Van Dorn's Post Office has a job of big proportions.

In the course of a single day he estimates that his crew of 17 civilians and 12 to 15 soldiers handle approximately 90,000 pieces of out-going and incoming mail. And to get that amount of letters and packages to the right people his men start at 5 a.m. and work until they are through at night.

The heaviest mail arrives here at 6 a.m. when not one but several mail cars are side tracked here for the Camp. The next mail is at 11 a.m. Mail leaves camp at 5:15 in the afternoon.

Mr. Holmes pointed out that he is as lenient as he can be with minor mail violations but there are some things he can not excuse. He cites for example, that he has to turn back letters that contain coins and jewelry. The free mail privilege for soldiers does not include sending coins or small objects in letters.