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Tributes for Meyer continue to pour in

Meyer will be missed

I was greatly saddened in learning of the death of my good buddy and Masonic and Shriner brother, Bill Meyer.

I wish I could adequately express my sincere appreciation for all he did for the 99th Division Association and mankind. He will be sorely missed.

El Hill

44 Brookside Rd.

Erdenheim PA 19038

My sincere condolences to Bill's family, the board of directors, and Donna.

Although I am only an associate member, my wife and I met Bill on the May 2000 battlefield tour. Bill impressed me as being a leader with 100 percent of his heart dedicated to the 99th.

Paul J. Randall

13829 Randall Dr.

Springville NY 14141

I was saddened to hear about the death of Bill Meyer. He was a great asset to the 99th Division and left behind a great legacy, the Checkerboard. The 99th Division served with distinction in World War II in Europe along with a huge number of other divisions.

There were lots of stories to tell by the veterans of that war. We in the 99th were fortunate to have a person like Bill Meyer who gave us the opportunity to tell our stories through the Checkerboard and at the reunions.

Bill will be missed and my condolences go out to his family but his memory will be continued by the staff of the Checkerboard and especially Donna Bernhardt.

Joe Kagan F/393

I received the Checkerboard and want to thank you for sending it. The tribute to Bill Meyer touched me so deeply. He was an outstanding gentleman and I am proud to have called him my friend. This is a tremendous loss to the 99th.

Sy Saffer

Our sympathy to the families of our editor, Bill Meyer. We really enjoy reading the Checkerboard. It's a great newspaper.

Donald and Maxine Knapp M/395

Atwater OH 44201

Is there a memorial fund?

Except for the unfortunate news of our great leader, Bill Meyer, the fourth issue of 2006 was one of the great issues of our Checkerboard.

In passing, I wonder if anyone has given thought to setting up a memorial fund in Bill's honor which could be invested and the income from same could be used to assist in funding the Diggers or some other activity such as the maintenance of the various memorials and/or other sites for which our organization may feel a moral obligation.

This could relieve some of the pressure of the 99th Infantry Division Association budget and would serve to remind all members, annually, of the great dedication and contributions he made to our organization.

Others may have other ideas for remembering and all should be considered by the board of directors.

Doyle Dunkin

EDITOR'S NOTE: Some funds have been received in memory of Bill Meyer. They have been deposited into the Diggers' Fund.

Your fourth issue 2006, was a magnificent tribute to Bill. He was not only a great human but set so high a standard for a military newspaper that it's doubtful anyone has or will come close. He was always so fair in giving ample space to both sides of any discussion and his own writing was superb, same as his talks and unending effort on behalf of the 99th.

Without his work, it's more than likely that the history of the Battle for the Ardennes would always be the way too many in the mainstream media portray it — as a two-man epic involving Patton and McAuliffe instead of everyone in the several divisions led by the 99th and who prevailed in the critical North Shoulder sector.

It's good to think about Kansas having two outstanding editors, Bill Meyer and William Allen White. We're lucky that Bill chose to devote his skills, talents, and energy to the 99th Association.

All of 2007 and beyond will be diminished because of his absence, but he left a wonderful heritage.

Elliot Wager

7505 W. Yale #2805

Denver CO 80227

We will miss having Bill Meyer's strong support for all of the activities of the 99th Infantry Division in training, in combat, and in carrying on the memories of our World War II experiences.

We also are blessed to have Donna Bernhardt there to carry on these activities of publishing the Checkerboard, which has been a wonderful example of the mutual caring and love that is shared with those who are still here.

Robert M. Koch E/395

6415 Chesterfield Court

Lincoln NE 68510