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Thrasher writes book

Robert Thrasher, frequent contributor to the Checkerboard, has written a collection of World War II memories, "Popcorn Road to Paris . . . and Back."

Thrasher was a scout during the war, serving in the 3rd Platoon, L/395. For the past 20 years he has been writing his "memories" of his war experiences, many of which have appeared in the Checkerboard. Thrasher is retired from the U.S. Post Office and lives with his wife, Bessie on their farm on Popcorn Road, west of Harrodsburg IN.

His style of writing is almost that of a comic entertainer. He pokes fun at Uncle Sam in "My First Job," saying he never got paid for any of the jobs he did until he became a soldier and received a dollar a day and room and board.

He then became a scout. " . . . I soon got used to my job as a scout. I learned to concentrate really hard and be aware of everything all the time. I can tell you that it was a kid's job. An old man sure couldn't handle it. But before you knew it, the war was over and I was laid off. That damn Hitler again."

In the foreward, Thrasher writes, ". . . Several of my stories are about the army buddies I shared foxholes with and who stood with me as we fought the Germans. Some of them were killed right in front of me. I don't know how I managed to escape being wounded while others who were only inches away were killed. I suspect I had a guardian angel to protect me."

The book is dedicated to the men who served with Thrasher, including Lt. Col. McClernand Butler. The list is printed below.

"Popcorn Road," is available directly from the publisher at or through the book order hot line at 888-280-7715. It also is available at local retailers or It sells for $14.95.