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Thomas Duggan

Grandson asks for information

Grandson asks for information

     My name is Timothy Levi Duggan, grandson of Sergeant Tim C. Duggan of L/395. I obtained your name from Thor Ronningen, who thought you might be able to help me with what I'm looking for.

     First I should say I am 14, a freshman in high school, and I live in Edmond OK. I am writing you wondering if you remember my grandfather, Tim Duggan. He was in Company L, and all I know is that he fought in the battle of the Bulge.

     I would just like to know two things: 1) If you know exactly what his job in the Army was; and 2) if you have any stories or anything at all that would tell me what he was like back in the 1940s.

     Unfortunately he died last year and I only became interested in our history when he was already gone.

Levi Duggan

511 Robin Hill Rd

Edmond OK 73003