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Sidney D. Salins, 83, H/393, of Silver Spring MD, died Sept. 24, 2006. He was active in the 99th Infantry Division Association, having served as president from 1953-54. Survivors include his friend, Janice; three children; and three grandchildren.

Vernon Swanson, 82, C/395, of Deerfield IL, died June 25, 2006. He had attended most of the association conventions and served on the board of directors. He was a member of the planning committee, an original member of the Checkerboard Chorus, and the current vice president, in line of succession to be nominated as president at the Little Rock convention. He was an integral member of the 99th's MIA Project, working tirelessly to recover and return the remains of fallen soldiers. He was interviewed by Tom Brokaw, who included Swanson's story in his book, "The Greatest Generation." Swanson published his own book, "Upfront with Charlie Company, A Combat History of Company C," in 1997. He graduated from Iowa State Engineering School and received an MBA from the University of Chicago. He was a resident of the village of Deerfield for more than 50 years, and had served as trustee of the village for 30 years, from 1975 to 2005. He founded Deerfield Boy Scout Troop 150 and was himself an Eagle Scout. He was preceded in death by his wife, Meg. Survivors include three sons; and seven grandchildren.

Thomas D. Wilson, Q/370, of Twinsburg OH, died May 30, 2006. He and Mike Strollo met at Camp Van Dorn MS. After the war, the 99th Infantry Division Association was formed in 1950, and both became members at Pittsburgh PA. He was president of the association from 1954-55, and served as secretary of the association for many years. He and his wife Betty attended many reunions. Survivors include his wife; two children; six grandchildren; and 11 great-grandchildren.

William C. Lake, 81, I/394, of Tulsa OK, died June 1, 2006. He was in the ASTP and served with the 99th during the Battle of the Bulge. After the war, he attended the University of Oklahoma and MIT. He worked at Stanolind Oil and Gas in Tulsa until 1969, when he and a partner formed Computer and Information Sciences Corp. (CISCO). In 1982, he and a group of investors started Western Information Systems, then in the mid-1980s, he began working on a computer-based system to analyze the price of stocks, commodities, and other free-market entities. He retired in 2001. Survivors include his wife, Ann; son; two daughters; and four grandchildren.

Joe E. Emanuel, 84, K/393, of Enola PA, died Oct. 28, 2006. He was a member of the 99th until after the Louisiana maneuvers when he was transferred to the 88th Infantry Division. As part of the 338th Infantry Regiment, he saw action in the Rome-Arno campaign in Italy, receiving the Bronze Star and Purple Heart. After the war he was a foreman with Conrail. Survivors include a son; two daughters; eight grandchildren; and three great-grandchildren.

John F. Gautney Jr., 89, of Little Rock AR, died July 6, 2006. He was a retired Federal Administrative Law Judge.

Marshall Faulkner, 84, Q/395, of Culloden WV, died Sept. 13, 2006. He retired with 42 years service from International Nickel Company of Huntington WV. Survivors include a daughter; son; five grandchildren; and three great-grandchildren.

Harold W. Richardson, 81, of South Windsor CT, died Sept. 19, 2006. He served in the 99th and was captured and spent four months in a Nurnberg POW camp, where he was inspired to his lifelong calling as a minister. Survivors include two sons; six grandchildren; and one great-grandchild.

Joseph Sehr Jr., 82, N/395, of Elmhurst IL, died June 23, 2006. He was a member of the ASTP at Louisiana State University before joining the 99th at Camp Maxey TX. He received the Bronze Star and was a staff sergeant. Survivors include his wife, Joan; a son; three daughters; six grandchildren; and one great-grandchild.

Edward R. Bousum, 86, D/395, of Indianapolis IN, died Jan. 30, 2006. He earned the Bronze Star during his service with the 99th. He was employed with Hygrades for 33 years and retired as a supervisor from Wilson Foods. Survivors include his wife, Margaret; two sons; a daughter; five grandchildren; and two great-grandchildren.

Robert M. Preston, 83, I&R/394, of Monrovia MD, died Sept. 12, 2006. He was awarded a Bronze Star and the Presidential Unit Citation. After the war, he was an electrician, working for construction and electrical firms on numerous building projects in Washington, D.C., including the Library of Congress, L'Enfant Plaza, the Smithsonian Institution, and Blair House. Survivors include five children; eight grandchildren; and seven great-grandchildren.

John H. Riat, 88, 3/394, of Columbus OH, died Sept. 19, 2006. He retired from Tarrier Steel Company after 40 years where he specialized in ornamental iron work. Survivors include two children; and two grandchildren.

Thomas J. Woznicki, G/395, of Cleveland OH, died Aug. 17, 2006. Survivors include his wife, Jeanette; two sons; and five grandchildren.

Walter E. Stephens, M/393, of Checotah OK, died Aug. 13, 2005.

Frank Robinson, 89, M/394, of Mannington WV, died May 17, 2006. He was a retired coal miner. Survivors include his wife; son; daughter; two grandchildren; and two great-grandchildren.

Melvin Dusek, 83, K/394, of Victoria TX, died June 24, 2006. He was injured during the Battle of the Bulge, reported missing in action, but taken to a German field hospital and later to a POW camp at Halle, Germany. He was liberated April 25, 1945, and he was awarded a Purple Heart. After the war he enjoyed a successful retail career of more than 50 years. Survivors include his wife, Mary Jane; a daughter; and two grandchildren.

James David Williams, 79, L/395, of Meridian MS, died July 22, 2006. After the war, he graduated from the University of Mississippi Law School and practiced law for 40 years, trying cases in federal and state courts. Survivors include a daughter; son; and two grandchildren.

Don "Daddy" Olmsted, 94, 395th regiment mail clerk, died June 16, 2006.

James E. Storey, 88, A/372, of Kennett MO, died June 1, 2006. He came to the 99th as a second lieutenant. During the Bulge when three officers of A Battery became casualties on the first day of the battle, he was sent to take over as battery exec. of A Battery. He remained in that position until the end of the war. Later he served in the Korean War and retired as a lieutenant colonel after 20 years of active service. He managed the state employment security office for 19 years. He was a strong supporter of the 99th and loved to attend annual conventions. He was a close friend of Col. Charles Biggio and they served together in the same battery both in the 99th and after the war in the 1st Division. Survivors include his wife, Velma; a son; and two grandchildren.

William Y. "Bill" Blasdel, 82, K/395, of Woodward OK, died Feb. 24, 2006. He was with the 99th from Camp Maxey until VE-Day and was a rifle squad leader and awarded the Silver Star and Bronze Star for valor in combat. A rancher in Oklahoma, he also was involved in many civic endeavors.

Ray "Butch" Staab, H/393, of Clarion PA, died May 1, 2006. He owned and operated a service station in Clarion. Survivors include his wife, Margaret; a son; daughter; and two grandchildren.

Thomas C. Evans, 82, K/393, of Grundy Center IA, died Dec. 22, 2005. He was a sniper in 1st Squad, 2nd Platoon, and had attended two 99th conventions. After the war, he earned degrees in engineering at Iowa State University and was commissioned in the Corps of Engineers, specializing in arctic engineering doing construction in Alaska and Greenland. He resigned with the rank of lieutenant colonel and began a career in agriculture and government, serving three terms in the House of Representatives and later as President Bush's adviser on agricultural affairs. He spent the past several years on his own experimental tree farm. Survivors include his wife, Jean; two sons; and seven grandchildren.

Donald W. "Shorty" Harper, 81, M/394, of Ashtabula OH, died April 22, 2006. He joined the CCC at age 17, where he was schooled in engine and truck repair. He served in World War II, the Korean War, and the Vietnam conflict and was awarded numerous decorations including two Purple Hearts.

Ed Pratt, 85, C/394, of Valparaiso IN, died April 22, 2006. He was wounded during the Battle of the Bulge and was awarded a Purple Heart and Silver Star. Survivors include his wife, Mildred; two sons; and four grandchildren.

Edward C. Evans, 85, of Middletown DE, died April 29, 2005. After the war, he was employed by Globe Union Battery Division in Ohio, then transferred in 1960 to a new facility in Delaware. He later was employed by Pioneer Hi-Bred International. Survivors include three sons; five grandchildren; and three great-grandchildren.

Stanley Lionel Cohen, 80, I/395, of Denver CO, died May 13, 2006. He was a retired trucking company executive and owner of a dry cleaning establishment. Survivors include his wife, Annette. Al Nelson attended the memorial service.

Edward W. Zioncheck, 79, M/395, of Detroit MI, died April 16, 2006. He was a dedicated and active volunteer for many charitable and worthy organizations. Survivors include two sons; two daughters; five grandchildren; and two great-grandchildren.

George H. Jenkins, 83, A/393, of Fairchance PA, died May 9, 2005. He was awarded a Purple Heart and Bronze Star. He was retired from Marsolino Coolspring Quarry Inc. Survivors include three daughters; five grandchildren; and four great-grandchildren.

Anthony J. Thibeau, G/394, of Manchester CT, died July 8, 2005. He joined the 2nd Platoon as a replacement and was wounded Jan. 3, 1945, during an attack on Elsenborn Ridge. Survivors include his wife, Betty.

Robert A. Green, 85, S/395, of Charlotte NC, died April 4, 2006. He held the rank of sergeant in the 99th, and was awarded a Bronze Star for his participation in the Battle of the Bulge. He retired as finance officer for Atlantic Coast Carton Company, Charlotte NC. Survivors include three children; and six grandchildren.

John L. Kuhn, K/394, of Newville PA, died in September 2006.

Andrew A. Trulac, 82, K/394, of Fort Washington PA, died Feb. 25, 2005. He formerly was employed as a crane operator. Survivors include two daughters; five grandchildren; and two great-grandchildren.

Tony Lejsek, B/395, of Missouri, died Nov. 11, 2006. He was a high school industrial arts teacher and rifle team coach. Survivors include four children; and five grandchildren.

Robert Craft, 85, I/395, of Van Wert OH, died Nov. 14, 2006. He was awarded a Purple Heart during the Battle of the Bulge. He earned a bachelor's degree at Nebraska State Teachers College and a master's degree at the University of Wyoming. He was a school administrator from 1969-1974 and a curriculum coordinator from 1974-1988. Survivors include his wife, Dorothy; six sons; two daughters; 18 grandchildren; and eight great-grandchildren.

Other deaths

Lucille Bouck, 83, wife of Lyle Bouck, Q/394, of St. Louis MO, died Nov. 4, 2006. The couple had been married 60 years and had five children.

Anne B. Simmons, widow of W.J. Simmons, K/394, died June 7, 2006. She kept in close contact with her husband's unit. Survivors include a daughter and two grandsons.

Philomena Trulac, 82, wife of Andrew Trulac, K/393, of Fort Washington PA, died Nov. 16, 2004.