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Sword will be returned

Sword will be returned

Sword will be returned

     Written Dec. 15, 1999. (Early on the 16th, 1944, I Company went up to "Purple Heart Corner" to assist the 3rd Bn/393.)

Dear Bill and Donna,

     The articles each of you wrote for the 6/99 issue of the Checkerboard were excellent. If non-member 99'ers could read those, they would become members immediately. Also, several friends of mine from John Tarleton ASTP Unit were in the I&R Platoon of 394. William James Tsakaniks, later known as Bill James, was a close friend. What heroes!

     Through the Internet, I just located the assistant squad leader of the third squad, 1st Platoon, I Company, 394th. His name is Luther H. Nossett, 1408 Buck Mountain Road, Bentonville VA 22610, 504-636-2421.

     I was a member of the BAR team. When we lost two of the team with foot wounds from a land mine the first week on the line and Luther had lost his foxhole buddy, Luther and I teamed up. While we were on Elsenborn Ridge, Luther was reassigned.

     He had always carried a sword shortened to about nine inches in a bayonet scabbard on his legging - "Just in case!" When he left, he gave it to me and said, "Wayne, you may need this more than I will someday."

     When I called him I said, "Luther, I still have that shortened sword, and I'm going to return it to you personally when I go to our reunion in Philadelphia." From what he said, I don't think he has ever heard about our association.

     Enclosed please find my check for my membership renewal and a membership for Luther.

Wayne Cleveland I/394

524 Hamilton

Warrensburg MO 64093