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Son seeks clarification

Son seeks clarification

     Sergeant Don Kimmel fought in the Battle of the Bulge with the 39th Infantry, AntiTank Company, 2nd Platoon, under Lt. Ivan Spurlock. Characteristically, I guess, Dad never talked about the war but neither would he ever camp out with us Boy Scouts in the snow! The winter of 1944 had no doubt been enough encounters with frostbite.

     When Dad died, he left a collection of his papers from the Army that I'm trying to understand. Among them:

     1.) A roughly alphabetical list of the names of 175 men, starting with Walter H. Aeberley and ending with William Wright. The list is typewritten in all uppercase, front and back, on three sheets of paper. The list includes the names of Donald E. Kimmel and Ivan C. Spurlock.

     2.) A typewritten list entitled "Anti Tank Company Locations and Exploits." The list is typewritten front and back one sheet of paper. The list tracks the company's movements from Camp Maxey TX on Sept. 16, 1944, to crossing the pontoon bridge at Remagen on March 11, 1945; from Rocherath for the Battle of the Bulge on Dec. 12, 1944, to taking Somerhol, Ettinghause, and Maudt on March 27, 1945, to Camp (illegible)elburg on May 9, 1945.

     3.) A der Deusch Auto-Mobil Club road map of Germany marked with green pencil lines and handwritten notation in red ink. The map records movements from Monschau (marked ACTION), eventually to Remagen, through to Lichtenfels (circled in red), and on to Landshut (marked V-E Day).

     4.) A commendation note. It is handwritten in blue ink, front and back on one piece of paper. Both parts appear to be written by the same hand, and neither parts are signed. It reads as follows:

     Hq. 2nd Bn. 395th Inf. APO 449 U.S. Army

     Subject Commendation for Performance of Duty

     To C.O. AT. Co. 395th Inf. APO 449 U.S. Army

     1. During the period 15-17 Dec. our Bn. attacked and destroyed eight enemy pillboxes in vicinity of Krinkelt Belgium. During this period the 2nd Platoon AT Co. 395th Inf. was attached to our Bn to be used in our operation as we saw fit.

     2. Due to the rugged terrain over which we were fighting it was necessary to hand carry all our food, ammunition and demolition some 2000 yards over extremely hilly terrain, where walking with no load was quite difficult and tiring.

     3. For the entire period mentioned above, your 2nd Platoon under Lt. Spurlock with little or no rest carried food, ammunition and special demolition up to our front line Companies under intense artillery, mortar, and small arms fire without regard of their personal safety, they carried forward the necessary supplies time after time until our operations terminated.

     4. Without the help of your 2nd Platoon the success of that operation is quite doubtful, and I wish to express to you our gratitude for the labor your men did for us. I cannot recommend too highly the performance of each and every member of that unit and I wish this commendation be added to any other received for the advancement of anyone or all the members of that platoon. I especially commend Lt. Spurlock and his Platoon Sergeant for the cooperation and willingness to do any job we ask regardless of the time of day or night. Any citation you might make for these two men would carry my endorsement as their work was superior and a credit to any organization.

/s/ Robert W. Boyden

Capt. Inf. Commanding

     Hq. 395th Inf. APO 449 — U.S. Army

     To. CO AT. Co. 395th Inf. APO 449 U.S. Army

     1. In offering my commendation, it is a pleasure to say that the accomplishment attained and cooperative spirit maintained by Lt. Spurlock and members of his platoon during its attachment to the Second Bn. 395th Inf. not only reflect a great credit to your organization but to the Regiment as well.

     2. Eventual awards will be gained by all through the continued efforts of men like Lt. Spurlock and his platoon.

/s/ A.J. Mackenzie

Col. Inf. Commanding

     Were any readers in that outfit? The movements detailed in item 2, the locations and exploits list do not match those on item 3, the map, and I wonder if some of your readers could shed light on where Dad's outfit went.

Tom Kimmel

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