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Son has stories, photos to share

My father, Lt. Col. Benjamin R. Davis, served as commanding officer 1st Battalion, 395th Infantry Regiment (Feb. 1945 as Major Davis, then LTC Davis in Konigshofen until the 99th departed Europe in September 1945). Unfortunately he died July 6, 1998.

I would like to become a member of the 99th Infantry Division association in his honor and also want to subscribe to the Checkerboard for both myself and my mother.

Among the many items my father left behind are numerous pictures taken during the days the 99th Division was in Europe. I also have pictures of one of the earliest 99th reunions in Cincinnati (I believe in 1950).

I will scan some of those photos and provide them for you to publish at your discretion in upcoming issues of the Checkerboard.

I have many, many pictures and narratives of the 1st Battalion that could provide some of the veterans' families with information on their fathers, brothers, husbands. If anyone is interested in this information, they can contact me.

Robert Davis

9668 Deer Run Drive

Ponte Vedra Beach FL 32082