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Son asks for information

Son asks for information

     I am writing to see if I can have my father's membership transferred into my name and have the papers sent to my home. My father was with the 99th from March until the end of the war and then was transferred to the 1st Division as an MP at Nuremberg.

     My father's name is Eli C. Larson. He was born in South Dakota and joined the unit in March 1945, just before the crossing of the Remagen Bridge.

     He died this past April, sadly, before the reunion in Kentucky. He lived in Germantown OH, and was excited about the possibility of attending the reunion. I was planning on attending with him. In any event I want to have his membership continued in my name and would like to continue contact with your organization in his honor.

     I also would like to request if there is anyone who remembers my father to contact me. I am interested in hearing about some of the action he was involved in and especially those who shared in the experiences. I cannot tell you which unit he was in exactly as he could not remember. I know he was an ammunitions carrier for an 81 mm crew and had a buddy he fondly called "Cherry." Dad thought he was with D/393 but wasn't completely sure. If anyone can supply information it would be appreciated.

Bruce Larson

1106 Lockhart Dr.

Jefferson City TN 37760