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Solid as an Oak

The Oaks, as the highly talented and popular Oak Ridge Boys make reference to themselves, are as solid as the stately tree which bears their name.

Joe Bonsall is a 26-year member of that group and a six-time Grammy award winner.

He's the one with the mustache. But, good as he is as a popular singer, Joe's greatest accomplishment in this life has to be the tribute he wrote for his parents, "GI Joe and Lillie."

We want you to read the book. It can be completed in one day, and is one of those "can't put it down" kind.

While we don't want to give it away, let's say the book is about Joe's parents, Joe and Lillie. Both were World War II soldiers, he in the infantry who landed on D-Day and she a WAC.

It's a poignant story which best explains the "you had to be there" attitude of the World War II generation. When you read the book you'll feel the attitude that prevailed, and understand why.

Barbara Bush wrote the forward, Sen. Bob Dole, Gen. Chuck Yeager, and Tom Brokaw are among ones who endorsed it with brief comments on the flyleaf.

Your Ol' Editor was so impressed that he did something he seldom does, he wrote a letter to the author. A few days later the reply came from GI Joe and Lillie's son. It's a letter, like the book, which will be treasured.