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Slap in the face

'Slap in the face'

     My name is Jerry Fortenberry. I live in McComb MS, and am 67 years of age.

     I remember well the GIs from Van Dorn coming to McComb.

     I am upset about the book Carroll Case wrote, "The Slaughter."

     I have a good friend, Frank Lynch, who lives in McComb. He was at Van Dorn in 1943.

     He told me about the problem with the 364th. He called Case and tried to tell him that the information in his book is not true. However, Mr. Case would not talk with him.

     Frank was with Special Services and was in charge of the post movie theaters. He was from Philadelphia, Pa.

     I am mailing you an article that was in the Jan. 11, 2000, newspaper. I spent some time in the library and found an article that was in the local newspaper of June 2, 1943. Both articles indicate that the book is a phony.

     To me, the book is a slap in the face to every military or civilian person who was at Camp Van Dorn.

     I have read the brief history of the 99th that I got off the Internet. You guys are the real heroes in my opinion.

     Col. Robert E. Guthrie and his family lived in McComb during his stay at Camp Van Dorn. Several people who remember him would like to know a little about his military career after Van Dorn.

     I am a real estate appraiser and make trips to Centreville, and have in the past appraised land that was part of the camp. I often wonder how they selected this site for a military base.

     Centreville has grown some since the 40s, but not as much as the Natchez and McComb areas.

     I was in military service in 1952-54, stationed in Germany. We have a reunion every year and it is a lot of fun meeting old friends. This year our reunion will be in Washington, D.C.

     I would like to join your group, if possible. If I see or hear of any more articles of interest I will forward them to you.

     Do you know what happened to the 364th after the left Van Dorn?

Jerry Fortenberry

Old Hwy 24E

McComb MS 39648