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Skeets Burdette

My name is Francis X. O'Doherty. I would have been the brother-in-law of Sgt. Louis A. "Skeets" Burdette, killed in action Feb. 7, 1945, near Udenbreth or Neuhoff, Germany.

Skeets was on patrol with others trying to make contact with another friendly unit when he was hit. He ordered his men to abandon him and continue with the mission. He was not found until many months later and is buried in the American Ardennes cemetery near Liege.

We have just returned from attending the Memorial Day services at the beautiful Ardennes Cemetery. My family, including daughters and nephew, attempted to follow the journey of the 99th through Losheimergraben and Elsenborn Ridge. After carefully studying "Battle Babies," "Key to the Bulge," and various links to your website, we actually found foxholes and memorials that we had missed on previous visits. It has become the quest of our family to find more details relating to the death of Ann's brother, Sgt. Louis Allan Burdette.

I have been trying to get a handle on Skeets' actual battalion, company, and platoon assignment. Do you know of any sources or personnel who may be of help?

Francis X. O'Doherty