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Share field expedients

Share your field expedients

     I am a professor of history at McMurry University in Abilene TX, specializing in 20th century military history. My current project, tentatively entitled, "Rhino Tanks and Sticky Bombs: Yankee Ingenuity in the Second World War," examines field expedients developed by U.S. servicemen during the Second World War.

     In this project I argue that the "use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without" mentality present in the United States prior to 1941, coupled with the preponderance of mechanical items that future soldiers and sailors had access to both prior to and during the war, made U.S. soldiers uniquely suited to find technical solutions to problems then encountered during the course of their wartime experiences.

     I contend that these non-regulation solutions, employed by U.S. soldiers engaged in all theaters of operation, were essential to the ultimate Allied victory.

     Currently, I am compiling information on as many of these field expedient solutions as possible, calling upon WWII veterans to provide me with stories of any "field fixes" they developed or recall.

     I would like to include stories of the 99th Division veterans in my project. If you have any information, please contact me.

Robert Wettemann

Department of History

McMurry University

McM Station Box 638

Abilene TX 79697-0638