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Sgt. R.O. Miller continues to serve

Sgt. Robert O. Miller, former motor sergeant of Service Battery 371st FA Bn, continues to serve others.

A contractor and owner of a truck line in civilian life, he came to the Army and was sent to Fort Sill, OK, where regular Army non-coms grudgingly whipped him "into shape" for future assignment.

Eventually he was sent to the 99th at Camp Van Dorn, MS, and became motor sergeant of SV/371FA.

RO quickly became a father figure for young men, who he said were "just kids," in the battery. He was noted for compassion and willingness to work with others.

Often he used his civilian skills to help others in the battery to repair their automobiles during precious off-duty hours.

At the end of the war he lost an eye from a German "potato masher" grenade.

He returned to civilian life, continued his business operation and farming at Milan, IL. He and his wife, Holly, attended many 99th conventions until her health failed.

After several years in nursing homes, RO has brought Holly back home "where she is more comfortable."

Friends are encouraged to write: R.O. Miller, 601 155th Ave., Milan IL 61264, phone 309-787-3349.