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Seats available on battlefield tour

A couple of seats

available for tour

     A couple of seats are still available on the upcoming Battlefield Tour to Belgium and Germany (May 16-27).

     The reason for space being available is due to health problems. In both instances, the tour plans had to be postponed.

     There may be another Battlefield Tour in the fall. And there may not. It depends. We'll arrange for tours with Eddie Polk of Battlefield Tours as long as members are interested. But, the time is drawing near when tours will not happen.

     Several mailings have been received from other tour operators. None offer the features offered by Battlefield Tours, places of special interest to the 99th, and guides (the Diggers) who have a vast fund of knowledge about the 99th. One more point, it has been noticed that none are priced as low as the 99th tour . . . most are at least $1,000 higher.

     So, if you want to go, now is the time. Call 1-800-556-1460 before April 10. First come, first served. The tour can't accommodate more than 40 people.

     Unlike other tours, you won't be staying in a different hotel each night, moving, riding the bus for hours, and get completely worn out from travel. You'll have time to visits those "special places" you want to see. And, you'll be among 99'ers, friends.