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Searching for information about 488th Air Service Group years ago

Searching for information about

Searching for information about

the 488th Air Service Group

To The Editor:

     Your great friend and mine, Robert R. McGee, has suggested I write to you for any assistance your members can give.

     We are searching for anyone who has knowledge of the 488th Air Service Group which was a part of the Ninth Air Force in England and Europe during World War II.

     We are primarily interested in the period Sept. 13, 1943 to October 1945. We know this unit saw service during the invasion of Normandy, Northern France, the Rhineland, and the Battle of Ardennes (the Bulge.)

     We would be most grateful for knowledge from anyone who had any contact with the members of this unit during the above period.

J. Ivan Potts Jr.

PO Box 1021

Shelbyville TN 37162-1021