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Schmetz has a Sherman

Schmetz has a Sherman

Schmetz has a Sherman

     Marcel and Mathilde Schmetz are known as "the M&Ms" to 99th friends and other veterans groups which visit their Remember Museum in Belgium.

     The group of 99'ers on tour in October will visit them, enjoy a meal and warm hospitality.

     Marcel now has a Sherman tank on display at their home/museum near Clermont.

     It came from Elsenborn Ridge, all 32 tons of it. When Marcel got the tank, it was in deplorable condition after being in combat during WWII and used for target practice by the Belgian artillery for more than 50 years.

     But Marcel is a worker, not a quitter. An expert body repair man, in business 38 years, he works on wrecked cars and heavy trucks. His experience as a craftsman paid off after months of dedicated effort.

     The tank is now on display.

     Marcel vividly recalls his own personal experience as a youngster living in the hamlet of Clermont under Nazi occupation four years. The Americans liberated his family in September 1944. The museum is to pay homage to Americans, that's why they call it "The Remember Museum '39-'45.

     The tank has 30 cylinders, five six-cylinder Chrysler engines. The commanding officer of Camp Elsenborn decided to give the tank to Marcel because of all the help he had given them, free of charge, over the years. But, getting it to Clermont would be a problem. A heavy Army wrecker from WWII was found in France, and two semi-trailer trucks were volunteered for the job. In all, 15 volunteers worked on the project.

     Members of the 99th tour group in October will see the tank, proudly on display at the Remember Museum.

     And, they'll enjoy the M&M's hospitality, home made apple wine, food, and warm friendship.