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Round table 'wowed 'em'

Round Table 'wowed 'em'

     From all reports, the World War II History Round Table "wowed" an audience of more than 500 people Dec. 9, 1999, at Minneapolis.

     Herb Kohnke, D/394, was one of the 99th veterans who participated. He reports that it was the largest audience the Round Table programs has ever drawn. There were 475 in the auditorium and an additional 80 or more in another room, where they watched by closed circuit TV.

     Herb said Vernon Swanson did a magnificent job of presenting background and history (see article in this issue).

     A videotape recording was made, and the program also was shown on the local Public TV channel.

     It is hoped that a tape will be available for the 99th Archives and the Video Room for upcoming conventions.

     Herb said all agreed that Swanson's presentation was fabulous.

     Doctor Eugene Bauer, the 393rd surgeon, literally "kept the audience in stitches," Herb reports. That can be proved by watching the tape. Doc Bauer was enjoying it, and keeping everybody entertained.

     Herb corrects the previous Checkerboard story about his job in the 99th. He was not the section leader in a mortar platoon but was the instrument man in the platoon.

     The program lasted 2.5 hours and received hearty applause at the end. They wanted more.

     Herb told how he was selected to go see Marlene Dietrich at Honsfeld, "which didn't materialize." She didn't get there, but the Germans did. Herb and the others were captured and spent the rest of the war in Stalag 13c at Hammelburg.

     Others on the program included Jim Jensen, a S/Sgt squad leder in F/393, from Edina, MN; Dick King, F/394, of White Bear Lake, MN; Doctor Bauer; Herb Kohnke, and Swanson.

     Don Patton is in charge of the WWII Round Table Programs. Various outfits are presented during continuing programs.

     The 99'ers who participated enjoyed it, think they accomplished a great deal by making others more informed on the role of the 99th, and plan to get together again.