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Reunions lack veterans

To the Editor:

My family and I enjoyed the reunion in Biloxi. The things that "went wrong" did not bother us at all.

I wonder if any other unit was as bereft of veterans as our unit — C/924 FA Bn. One C/924 veteran, Edgar "Hank" Barr, registered Wednesday morning. His daughter, Eleanor Griffiths, and granddaughter, Rachel Griffiths, were with him. The three attended the annual party and then left for home Thursday morning.

The others representing C/924 were three widows: Mrs. Woodrow Dunlap, Mrs. William Jackson and her friend Suzanne Lowry, and Mrs. Barry Tennis and her son and family, Jon and Terri Tennis, Emily and Rachel and nephew Nate Wood. That makes 11 family members to one veteran, who was there only for one day.

We wonder if any other unit had as low a percentage of veterans to family members at the reunion as C/924.

Ann Tennis

507 Magnolia Ave.

Piedmont CA 94611

EDITOR'S NOTE: The ratio in Biloxi was one veteran for every two non-veterans. All enjoyed the reunion. It's good that so many widows and family members continue to come. We're a big family.

Bill Meyer