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Respectful salute

Respectful salute

Respectful salute

     Please accept my respectful salute, rendered to the old soldiers of the 99th Infantry Division on the 55th anniversary of the beginning of the Bulge.

     Though I'd reached only the sixth grade by this date 55 years ago, I have several bases for remembering with you today. My older brother, James Revell, had been a long-time member of the 99th Division when the Battle of the Bulge began. He was an 81mm mortar observer, a staff sergeant, shortly thereafter commissioned a second lieutenant. Jim lives in Lakeland FL, with the usual old-man physical stuff growing in his life.

     Later I got my share of infantry combat in Korea and Vietnam, the first as a rifleman, then rocket section leader; the second as reconnaissance company commander, and again as battalion operations officer.

     Finally, in just over 20 years in the Marine Corps, I spent four years on two different U.S. Army posts, am a graduate of the Fort Benning Infantry Officers' Career Course - and Jump School - and a bunch of other shorter Army courses at various posts across the nation.

     May the Lord bless and keep and comfort the survivors of your most worthy Checkerboard Division.

Joseph Revell

Pensacola FL


Major, USMC, Ret.