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Respect Old Glory

"Burn the American flag and show how much you hate America and all that the American flag stands for." Any patriotic American would be infuriated to read or hear those words. But people do not seem to get perturbed or offended to see our flag used for the purpose of advertising — to get attention.

We see our flag displayed at office buildings, retail stores, gas stations, and very much overdone at car lots. One flag can be flown to show patriotism and remind us that this is still America. Using two or even two dozen American flags does not prove one business is more patriotic than another.

We see our flag displayed at businesses selling products not made in the United States. If the product is made in a foreign country, why shouldn't its flag be flown?

People in other countries have a sense of honor and are proud of their flag, and what it stands for. They may want their flag displayed, after all they had men and women die fighting for it. Or perhaps they too would be perturbed to see their flag used for the purpose of advertising, just to attract attention.

Has the time come when we need two American flags, one for advertising, and one exclusively to show our patriotism and honor those who have given their lives for all that the flag stands for?

There have been soldiers who knowingly and willingly sacrificed their lives to retrieve the American flag fallen upon the field of battle. That shows how much the American flag meant to them.

When we display our flag it should be to express our patriotism, and honor and remember those who sacrificed their lives to preserve it.

Curtis Hibbard I/393