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Remember the 170th? years ago

Yesterday my father-in-law started talking about WWII and shared a lot with us that we had not known before. His name is Neal Spickert and he is a retired Kansas farmer who was a corporal in Battery B, 170th Field Artillery Battalion.

Spickert joined the Army in 1942, but the outfit went to the West Coast and pulled security out there for quite a while. They were moved to Fort Sill and then went to the ETO in December 1944.

They had 105mms towed by trucks. They were part of the team that helped secure the Remagen Bridge and then fought in the Rhineland and central Europe until the war ended.

The battalion was never an actual part of the 99th Division, but was attached to it to provide extra artillery fire support. Most of the gentlemen in the battery were from New York and it has been many years since he heard from any of them.

Do you have any information about the 170th? Is there a fact sheet about the battalion?

Rick Fulton

Pittsburg KS