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Reginald Huffman, B/394 years ago

Huffman, B/394

Huffman, B/394

     My father's name is Reginald E. Huffman, 1648 Grant St., Portsmouth OH 45662. He was in B/394.

     He would be happy to receive any copy of the Checkerboard. He joined the 99th in February. He does not remember Elsenborn Ridge but does remember the Cologne Plain and Ruhr Pocket. He also said he was at the Remagen Bridge. He remembers seeing General Patton twice and I guess his outfit came under Patton's 3rd Army near the end of the war. He left Germany in January 1946 to come back to the States. He served for a period of three years active duty and was a Browning Automatic Rifleman while in the field.

Jerry Huffman