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Recommended reading


reading for 99'ers

     More good books have entered the stream of those available of special interest to veterans of the 99th Infantry Division.

O'er The Land Of The Free

     by Sam Lombardo, I/394. This is a partial story of Sam's highly interesting life. He was a platoon leader in I/394. The experiences will "ring a bell" with other veterans who will enjoy Sam's story; especially the part about the handmade American flag.

     This book is available from Beidel Printing House, Shippensberg, PA. It may be ordered at any book store. It is highly recommended reading. The book is 176 pages with numerous maps and many photos, some in color. The ISBN is 0-9677051-0-X

     The book may be ordered direct from Sam, as follows: send check or money order to Lombardo Books, 8 Alliance Dr., Apt 205; Carlisle PA 17013. Send $14 for one copy, $27 for two copies, or $39 for three copies. Price includes postage.

Men of Steel, 1SS Panzer Corps

     by British General Michael Reynolds, a longtime friend of the 99th. This book is devoted to the Ardennes and Eastern Front battles of 1944-45. Reynolds interviewed several 99th veterans during on the Battlefield Tours, and uses the material in his book. This is an intensely detailed account from the perspective of the 1st SS Panzer Corps. Reynolds also is the author of "The Devil's Adjutant" and "Steel Inferno."

     Men of Steel is available at any book store. Sarpedeon is the publisher, Rockville Centre NY 11570. The book contains 368 pages, 16 illustrations, and 32 maps. It sells for $27.50. The ISBN is 1-885119-66-6.

The Armies of George Patton

     by retired British officer and well known historian George Forty. It not only is a great biography of Gen. George Patton, but also is an authoritative source of information on armor. Also the author of "Patton's Third Army At War," Forty does an even better job in this book of describing the man. He explains George Patton, and why he did some of the controversial things that made his life so interesting. A longtime friend of the 99th, Forty presented the book to the Checkerboard editor during the Battlefield Tour in October. Forty lives near Piddlehinton, in Dorset.

     The 268 page book is being distributed in the USA by Sterling Publishing Co of New York City 10016. The ISBN number is: 1-85-409-295-2. It may be obtained at any book store.


     the official history of the 99th Infantry Division has been re-published and is available by sending $35 (includes mailing cost) to J.R. McIlroy, PO Box 98, Celina TX 75009.