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Reader would like to reconnect with Richard Hess

My name is Sherry Hawkins Allen Ferguson. My biological father was Albert Lewis (nickname Peanut) Hawkins, who was in the 99th in WWII and was one of the many soldiers at Remagen.

My dad left Mother in 1952. After that we seldom saw him, so there is not a lot I know about him. I do know he was born Nov. 2, 1925, and died Jan. 26, 1985, in Memphis TN, near his hometown of Bartlett TN.

In 1990, my sister and I received a call from Richard Hess who said he was an Army buddy of my dad's. Hess had gone to a lot of trouble to locate us. He even came to visit us while he was at the 99th reunion in Nashville. It was his visit that enlightened us as to where my dad served. Hess signed us up for the Checkerboard, which we received for a year. Because of some bad circumstances in our lives, we regrettably let the subscription lapse. Therefore, if his name appeared in the Taps section, I missed it. I did keep all the issues though, for the sake of future generations.

Wanting to keep in touch with him, my sister and I sent letters and Christmas cards to the address Hess gave us. Our mail kept coming back. We tried to locate him by phone without success. The same set of circumstances that let our Checkerboard go caused us to let go of our search for Richard Hess.

Now I am resuming my search. I have a strong desire and a sense of urgency to locate this kind man and/or more information about him. Can anyone help? I have made phone calls all over Delaware, where Hess lived, without success. He must still be alive because I can't get any information off the Internet. I have even tried the History Channel "Locate a Buddy" website.

I want to gather as much information as I can on my dad and Richard Hess, and even other buddies if you can help me locate them. When my dad had a serious accident resulting in some brain damage, I discovered through consequent legalities that I had two half-sisters and a half brother. I feel our children and grandchildren deserve to know as much about these men as we can possibly discover.

Sherry Ferguson

2050 Wild Cherry Dr.

Lewisburg TN 37091