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Rare coincidence

A rare coincidence

     Joe O'Neill of A/395 shares a story with the Checkerboard that truly was a rare coincidence.

     When the 99th liberated the Moosburg POW camp in Bavaria at the end of WWII, many of those freed were Air Force personnel.

     After the war, O'Neill remained in the service and became a personnel officer in the USAF.

     Lt. Maurice Beaucond was one of the USAF pilots liberated by the 99th at Moosburg. It was the first time he was "liberated" by O'Neill who was a Pfc. In the 99th.

     In 1973 he was liberated again when he retired from active duty as Lt. Col. Beaucond. The officer in charge of the ceremony at Dyess AFB TX, was Major Joe O'Neill.

     It's a small world.