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Questions about division

I'm writing for information about the 99th Infantry Division. I'd like to know when it first started, the logo, when it was deactivated, where it was in World War I and II. I see a lot of programs on TV but have only seen a little about the 99th.

I would like to have a shoulder patch from the 99th. I have known a lot of people in World War II but did not think to ask much about which outfit they were in. I wish I had a history of all divisions in the U.S. Army. What was the SOP, etc., of the 99th?

I'm retired now (disabled) and interested in Army divisions shoulder patches.

I was in the Army from 1965-1967 in Ft. Jackson SC, 3rd Army, then in Thailand in the 809th Engineer Battalion under the 9th Logistical Command then came under the U.S. Army Thailand Support Command. I've never been able to get a patch for the support command because they were not made when I was there.

Are there any Medal of Honor men in the 99th?

Jerrol Smith

121 Robin Dr.

Chattanooga TN 37405