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Privates attend non-com school

Twenty members of Co. A, 393rd Inf. Are attending Non-coms school where they are being taught how to teach others the arts of warfare. At present they are squad and platoon leaders.

They are: Pvt. Thomas P. Raulerson, of Athens, Pa.; Pvt. Robert C. Brookes of Hamilton, Ohio; Pvt. Charles W. Dinkins of Huntington, W. Va.; Pvt. Robert M. Burgy of Lakewood, Ohio; Pvt. Ralph E. Frederick of Harmony, Pa.; Pvt. Charles W. Maple of Carrollton, Ohio; Pvt. David S. Pollock of South Bend, Ind.; Pvt. William N. Sine of Williamsport, Pa.; Pvt. Robert J. Bilger of Dayton, Ohio; Pvt. Micheal T. Durso of Philadelphia, Pa.; Pvt. Joseph G. Schneider of Evansville, Ind.; Pvt. Ray J. Bonechi of Hammond, Ind.; Pvt. Horace W. Parrish of Baltimore, Md.; Pvt. Edward Borovatz, of Worthington, Pa.; Pvt. Joseph T. Waskiewicz of Lyndhurst, N.J.; Pvt. William R. Anderson of Albertville, Ala.; Pvt. Thomas C. Hill of Philadelphia, Pa.; Pvt. Richard C. Smith of Paducah, Ky.; Pvt. Frederick N. Purucker, Jr., of Youngstown, Ohio; Pvt. William L. Bryan of Clarksville, Tenn.