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Planning committee meets

A meeting of the planning committee of the 99th Infantry Division Association was held July 20, 2006, during the Little Rock Convention.

Those in attendance included chairman J.R. McIlroy, John Vasa, Joe Johnson, Bill Meyer, Bob Hogan, and Donna Bernhardt.

They discussed the future of the association and plans for dissolution and distribution of funds.

McIlroy said the number of actual veterans in the association is approximately 1,500. There were 125 veterans in attendance at Little Rock. He suggested the committee recommend cessation of the conventions when the number of veterans in attendance reaches 50.

It also was recommended that the membership directory published in the Checkerboard be published every other year.

There was some discussion about giving something back to members at future conventions. Various suggestions included free rooms or free banquet tickets.

No other decisions were made and the group will meet again at the Washington convention in 2007.