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Planning committee meeting

July 29, 2005

Hyatt Hotel

San Antonio TX

A meeting of t.he planning committee of the 99th Infantry Division Association was held during the San Antonio Convention.

Those in attendance were chairman J.R. McIlroy, Glenn Bronson, Joe Johnson, Bill Meyer, Bob Hogan, Mike Strollo, Vern Swanson, and Donna Bernhardt.

They discussed how long the organization plans to continue and how to spend the remaining money.

Most agreed conventions may continue at least five or 10 years.

McIlroy noted that income would decrease as time passes, and expenses will increase.

Mike Strollo suggested using $20,000 a year to defray expenses of the convention, since most of the money comes from conventions.

McIlroy said the association could afford to lose $30,000 a year for the next five or six years and provide a free breakfast next year at the Little Rock convention.

There was discussion of setting aside some money for a trust fund to perpetuate the association and for care of the monument.

Swanson suggested setting aside $25,000 for taking care of the monument.

Hogan said at the association's dissolution, remaining funds must be distributed to an existing organization of similar interests, such as the Association of the 99th Infantry Division.

The committee discussed the appointment of trustees but no decision was reached.

It was decided to table the discussion and re-evaluate it again at next year's convention in Little Rock.