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Photos available

Regarding the article in a recent Checkerboard entitled, "A Brave Soldier Died," I noted that the subject of the article, Gwen Hart Crowe, played on the 393rd regiment basketball team at Camp Maxey.

Awhile back I donated several photos that I purchased off eBay to the 99th Division Archives. Among them were photos of the 393rd Regiment basketball team playing Paris Junior College. I still have digital copies of all the photos if any family members wish to contact me.

I also have photos o the division boxing team, several staff officers including Gen. Lauer at his promotion, the division training in a mock German town, the Yardbird Roost Club, and many, many more. Anyone interested in the photos may contact me.

Dave Gettman

8432 McKinley Ave.

Tacoma WA 98445-3231