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Phone number still good, 60 years later years ago

My father was Donald O. Woolf Jr. He was in the 99th. Five or six years ago, after talking to Vern Swanson, he asked if I would be interested in receiving my father's address book and the letters that he sent to him after he was wounded and sent back to the U.S. Within a week I got the letters and the phone book. Dad wrote to Vern several times.

It seems Vern carried a BAR and gave it to my dad. My father wrote him saying that his BAR was still a virgin. He saw a German and pulled the trigger only to find the gun was out of ammo.

The most fantastic thing was in looking though my dad's phone book, I found an entry for Eugene Settles, who had lived in Kentucky and his family had owned Settle's Harley Davidson.

I called Kentucky information and found there was a listing for him so I called the number, asked if he was the person in my dad's book, and he verified it. I still remembered my father saying, "He was one damn fine soldier." We talked for just a short time.

It was just so fantastic that it took a while for this to sink in — calling a phone number that was in a book that was 60 years old and being able to talk to that person!

Eric Woolf

5426 Marilyn Rd.

Indianapolis IN 46228