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Peter Dimitriartis

Grandson wants facts about MIA grandfather

Grandson wants facts about MIA grandfather

     My name is Joseph Morin. I never served during World War II, but my grandfather, Pvt. Peter Dimitriartis served in K/394. I didn't know my grandfather when I was young. He did not live at home, so I rarely saw him or got to know him.

     Being a veteran of Desert Storm, I feel perhaps what my grandfather went through during the war. Hearing stories told to me by my grandmother made me interested in him.

     One thing sticks in my mind: Private Dimitriartis went on a patrol with several other men and they were engaged in a small battle against a German patrol. My grandmother received a letter from the Army stating that my grandfather was missing in action. Six months later he turned up in England in a hospital with frost bitten feet. If anyone has any information about this incident or my grandfather, please contact me.

Joseph Morin

25 Whitney Ave.

Lowell MA 01850