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Not all ASTP men were in the infantry

Not all ASTP men were in the infantry

Not all ASTP men

were in the infantry

     Not all ASTP'ers ended up in the infantry. Take the case of Norman E. Shumway. He passed the test for medicine and ended up as a famous heart transplant surgeon. In fact, both of my roommates at John Tarleton College in Stephenville TX, passed their tests for medicine — the other being Charles Schlosser. Charles went to dental school but followed in his father's footsteps, running their tool-making business in Ohio.

     Rather than listen to me tell about Shumway's achievements, you can locate him on the Internet. Just type in his name: Dr. Norman E. Shumway, and you can get pages of interesting material.

     Soon after I had heart surgery in July, I wrote to Norman and he was kind enough to reply and encourage me about my health. I have wonderful memories of those days. I feel certain that many of us would have been in on D-Day had it not been for those six months in the ASTP. I always felt fortunate I was able to go into combat as a member of a division, rather than go as a replacement. They were big days. Unbelievable!

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