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Newly elected board meets

Aug. 5, 2005

Imperial Palace, Biloxi MS

The meeting of the new board of directors was called to order by president Glenn Bronson.

Those attending included Bronson, Bob Hogan, Harry Clifton, John Vasa, Bill Meyer, Joe Johnson, Walt Gregonis, J.R. McIlroy, Joe Kagan, George Snell, Phil Benefiel, Harry McCracken, and Donna Bernhardt.

Guests were Mike Strollo, Pat Hughes, and Ray Sager.

Bronson extended a welcome to the new board members, Kagan and Benefiel and vice president John Vasa.

Harry Clifton gave an auditor's report. The association began the year with $71,00 in checking with $29,000 in income and $22,600 in expenses, leaving a balance of $79,000. Two certificates of deposit total $104,000.

It was decided to purchase a certificate of deposit in the amount of $35,000 for a period of one year.

The board discussed a donation to the Centreville Museum project. It was decided to wait until next year to see how the project progresses.

Other museums, Soldiers & Sailors Memorial Hall and the Dauntless Museum at 99th Headquarters are supported with the receipt of artifacts from the association. Neither receive money. Pat Hughes suggested a donation to the Dauntless Museum might be in order at some point in the future.

Harry McCracken added any funds sent to Soldiers & Sailors be sent through the Association of the 99th Infantry Division.

Ray Sager reported the 99th RSC is "in good health." It may become the largest reserve support command in the reserves, picking up Ohio and decreasing the total number of RSCs from 10 to seven.

McIlroy indicated the need for an assistant treasurer in case of his illness or incapacity. He recommended Byron Whitmarsh for that office. The board of directors, pursuant to the bylaws, accepted the recommendation and appointed Whitmarsh as assistant treasurer.

Other appointments included Bob Hogan, legal adviser; Harry Clifton, auditor; Joe Johnson, chaplain; Del Stumpff, sergeant-at-arms; Bill Meyer, Checkerboard editor; and Donna Bernhardt, executive director and secretary.

The meeting was adjourned at 1:30 p.m.