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New member, H/393 years ago

It is great being able to get back in touch with personnel of the 99th Division. Thank you so much for sending me an application and three issues of the Checkerboard. Some of the articles brought back memories.

I was a member of the association for some time after it was formed. Then the busy schedule of living took over and I let my membership drop.

I was with the 99th from start until after the conflict ended in Europe. I then volunteered for duty in the Pacific with 30 days in the States. (If I remember correctly, I only lacked three points having enough to be discharged. So I figured if I could get back to the States I would not have to worry about going to the Pacific.) By the time they got all the volunteers together from various units, loaded us on boxcars across France, etc., to LeHarve, then to England, and finally loaded us on ship for New York — well, three days from New York they dropped the A-bomb. So it was home and discharge.

I hope to be able to round up some of my friends from the 393rd and I'm looking forward to hearing more about the 99th and its personnel.

Thurman A. Lamm H/393

303 East Oak St.

Lucama NC 27851-9095